joi, 13 octombrie 2016

Fire to fire, acryl on canvas, 20/15cm, 2016

The silent announcement, oil on canvas, 110/130cm

blue vision

No worries I'm here, acril on canvas, 120/100cm, '016

Distortion comunication/Ermetic silence// God's voices, 100/80cm, '016

Columbus's Egg, acril on canvas, 100/70cm 2015

The Witch's followers, 45/40cm, acryl on canvas, '014

Plan 0, oil on canvas 2014

Imaginarium acryl on canvas 230/130, 2015

Free your nature, acrilic on canvas 70/80cm 2015

Inspiration recovery search, acril on canvas 87/87cm 2015

Silence nature, acrilic on canvas 60/30cm 2015

Vertical nature, acril on canvas 30/60cm 2015

The Fountain, acrilic on canvas 60/30cm 2015

Boat glasses, acrilic on canvas 80/60cm 2015

The reorganization of the nature, acrilic on canvas 80/60cm 2015

Atlas’s house, acril on canvas 100/120cm 2015

Why did you sit on my landscape? acril on canvas 87/87cm '015

LandEscape, acril on canvas 100/80cm '015