sâmbătă, 18 februarie 2012

King Tv 90/70cm

The new hierarchy 100/120cm

Traveler in the sky 50/40cm

Supreme by night&day 2x 30x20cm

A wish colored landscape 30/40cm

Supreme 30/20cm

Clasic convertion 15/20cm

Forever Saint 30/20cm

Almost lost 30/20cm

Father Time 40/30cm

God's Smile 100/80cm

Shepherd between clouds 40/30cm

Famous whispers of the Gods 30/30cm

Pasta Bunny 70/100cm

Santa's gift invisible 100/120cm

Flying Spaghetti Monster 100/100cm

suspension bridge in the clouds 50/50cm

Selfportrait 200/150cm

Pogrom 100/100cm

The New Gods 200/180cm

Fur Dancing 30/20cm

The invisible Pink Unicorn 120/100cm

Sound messages with gadgets 120/100cm

Hotei, selfportrait 30/30cm

Theater Convection 10/17cm

The painter's nightmare 10/17cm

Selfportrait as a kid 12/18cm